Organizing IAA Conference in July 2018

Organizing IAA Conference in July 2018

Here is the call for papers for 2018 IAA interim meeting conference that is hosted by the Finnish Society of Aesthetics at Aalto University. I am organizing a special session on "Enviromental Aesthetics", see directions for participation below. Looking forward to the event!

CFP, International Assocation for Aesthetics (IAA)

MARGINS, FUTURES AND TASKS OF AESTHETICS July 5–7 2018 | Aalto University | Helsinki/Espoo, Finland

Organizers: International Association for Aesthetics, The Finnish Society of Aesthetics & The Department of Art at Aalto University

Invited Keynotes:

Yuriko Saito (Rhode Island School of Design) Elisabetta di Stefano (University of Palermo) Jack Halberstam (Columbia University)

Department Keynotes: Ossi Naukkarinen & Kevin Tavin

Aesthetics is a marginal discipline. We often have to defend its existence in departments, where the main focus is on literature, philosophy or art history. It is not surprising that the margins of aesthetics have not been thoro...

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