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"Olen päässyt aiemmalla kurssilla Sanna Lehtisen luennolle ympäristöestetiikasta, ja minua inspiroi aiheen lisäksi opettajan puheesta välittyvä aito kiinnostus aiheeseen sekä myös opettamiseen." (2021)

"the lectures and the whole course was very well and thoroughly planned! the course is of good quality, which is quite rare, especially in covid-times" (2021)

"I’ve always though I’m not an art person. However, during the course, I could say that I was wrong. I just have my own way of consuming and thinking about art." (2021)

"to be honest, I thought this course was almost perfectly arranged, I wouldn't want to change anything about it!" (2021)

"Huge thanks to Sanna! She has been the most kind and empathic professor to us students, the course has been a great pleasure!" (2021)

"Thank you for the course, encouraging ending lecture, and kind words!" (2021)